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SWTOR Update 5.7 Legacy of the Creators

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SWTOR Update 5.7 Legacy of the Creators

Post by fleshribbon » Tue Jan 23, 2018 7:49 pm ... e-creators
Game Update 5.7 – Now Live
Gather your most powerful allies to fight by your side against the biggest threat to the galaxy, the lethal droid superweapon known as Scyva, Mother of Sorrows. Alongside your group of eight or sixteen players, battle this ancient menace with a passion for destruction and uncover new clues to the origins of this galactic threat as well as some impressive rewards!

Your path to destroying Scyva will not be easy, Outlander. As battles rage across the galaxy, you will face Nahut, the superweapon child; only after you and your team successfully rid the galaxy of this terror will you face a more dangerous enemy, bent on your destruction, Scyva.

Prepare to celebrate the return of Corso, Risha, and Andronikos! In Legacy of the Creators, these popular allies from the past return to join your Alliance and fight by your side once more!
Patch Notes:
Game Update 5.7
-New Operation Boss: Scyva – Known as the Mother of Sorrows, Scyva is a nigh-indestructible threat – your team will have to take advantage of every resource at hand to prevail!
-Returning Companions: Risha and Corso – The Smuggler’s old allies emerge from the shadowy galactic underworld to help out their old captain once more.
-Returning Companions: Andronikos – After plundering ships across the galaxy, Andronikos finally comes face-to-face with the Sith Inquisitor he once served so faithfully.
-To access these Missions you must have completed the Knights of the Eternal Throne storyline. These Companion Missions are only accessible by their original Classes.
-Double XP is back! Enjoy double experience, Command Experience, and more for one week. This event will run from 1/23 – 2/1.

-The Dark vs Light tracker will no longer clip outside of the Galaxy Map.
-Right clicking on a character in the Guild Window will now change the player’s selection to that character.
-When entering a random group via Activity Finder, the group leader will now be assigned based on criteria such as character level and Command Rank.
-In the Activity Finder if a player selects an activity within a filter, that category will now be selected automatically. EX: A player goes into the filter for Story Uprisings and selects Crimson Fang, -Story Uprisings will now be checked for queue in Activity Finder.
-The price-per-unit listing on the GTN will now be rounded to the nearest whole number.

Flashpoints + Operations + Uprisings
-Players are no longer blocked from progressing through Kuat Drive Yard’s cut scenes.

-Master Mode Operations now reward the correct quantity of Unassembled Components.

Missions + NPCs
-The Bonus Missions for A Traitor Among the Chiss will now grant Command Experience as intended.
-Imperial players will no longer go to the Republic version of the Rakghoul Tunnels if they quick travel there.
-Players who complete the Scientific Endeavors Mission on Belsavis will no longer be blocked from completing Belsavis Reborn.
-The respawn time for Valen Korik on Dromund Kaas has been greatly reduced. Defeating him is an objective for the Heroic Mission, Possessed Hunter.

-The Yavin Ruins Warzone will no longer pop at a higher frequency than other Warzones.
-The following changes are being made to the Solo PvP Ranked Daily Mission:
--Mission will reward 40 Unassembled Components (up from 30)
--Mission will reward 150 Ranked Season 9 Tokens as intended (up from 0)
-The following changes are being made to the Solo PvP Ranked Weekly Mission:
--Mission will reward 250 Unassembled Components (up from 200)
--Mission will reward 1,000 Ranked Season 9 Tokens as intended (up from 0)
--Mission now also rewards 3 Charged Matter Transubstantiators
-Achievements which are earned in the Yavin 4 Warzone will no longer reset.
-Players who are not wearing Augments or who have Augments below item rating 208 will now have Bolstered stats as if they were equipped with item rating 208 Augments (up from 150).
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Re: SWTOR Update 5.7 Legacy of the Creators

Post by Delcorin » Tue Jan 23, 2018 10:29 pm

Very nice. Thank you!

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Re: SWTOR Update 5.7 Legacy of the Creators

Post by StrmRyder » Mon Jan 29, 2018 9:03 am

Glad they are changing the warzone frequency.

I'm looking forward to a few of the other changes as well.
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