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Final Fantasy XIV Application

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Final Fantasy XIV Application

Post by Kilmoran » Sat Feb 09, 2019 3:23 pm

Your in game name: Taishakuten On'You
Your age: 32
Time zone: Eastern (-5 GMT)
Location: Tennessee
Hobbies: Game Development. Yoga. Playing games (When not making them). Camping.
Real life things you do: College (Computer Programming).
Play times: Usually after 6 PM.
Short history of your gaming experience: I have been online gaming since 1994. I have played or researched most MMOs and played a wide smattering of other styles of games over that time. I prefer Cooperative play to competitive. I have been in long standing gaming organizations for many years (over a decade). I have been in command (higher ranking) positions several times as well.

The sort of games I have made are called MUD/MUSH, basically the precursor to modern MMOs.

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