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Rift Charter

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Rift Charter

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Grievance RIFT Charter
This Charter in no way supersedes the Grievance Organization charter. All members should make themselves familiar with that charter prior to joining Grievance!

This Charter can and WILL change as the guild grows and matures. The application & promotion process WILL become more complicated and harder as the guild grows. The Guild Leader reserves the right to make changes and rulings to this policy at any time, including on the spot if needed in order to correct loopholes and keep things fair.

Clauses to be aware of

Guild Leader Clause
The Guild Leader reserves the right to make decisions that may at times supersede and/or contradict the charter and policies of the Guild. These decisions must never be made lightly and always be done with the betterment of the guild as a whole in mind. The Guild Leader also has last word on all decisions concerning the Guild, Guild forum section, charter, and/or anything pertaining to the Grievance RIFT Guild. All decisions made by the Guild Leader can and will be reviewed by the Grievance Council to ensure fairness to all members.

Common Sense Clause
No policy is 100% safe from exploitation and the officers are here to make sure all things are done fairly. All changes made to the charter in this matter will be reviewed by the Guild Leader before being set in stone.

No Drama Clause
Any member found to be causing and/or instigating extreme drama within the guild will be asked to leave. The Guild Leader will make the determination of what qualifies as extreme drama, and what does not.

The Honor Clause
Honor is the second most important tenant in the Grievance Organization. All members of Grievance are expected to act with honor at all times. At no time will any Grievance member intentionally grief another player either in or out of game. If anyone is unclear on what the definition of griefing is, then simply ask your fellow Grievance members for clarification. If any of these things give you pleasure, then you are in the wrong Guild. Leave!

General Guidelines

The Guild
The advancement of the Guild is all-important. Guild progress equals personal progress. If you are not a team player then stop now and look somewhere else. We donÔÇÖt want you!

The GuildÔÇÖs responsibility to you the player
The Guild is responsible for your main character and only your main character. As a Guild we will help gear you up with great items and help you complete the necessary quests needed to progress your character throughout Telara and beyond. As a Guild we will help you out along the way, either through Questing, PvP, as well as Raiding. We will not drop everything to do so but work together as a T.E.A.M (Together Everyone Achieves More) to acquire a common goal. Please don't take constructive criticism to heart, our goal is to achieve the best results together.

The PlayerÔÇÖs responsibility to the guild
You (the player) are responsible for your own actions and all other characters that you may play from time to time. At no time will the Guild intentionally hold events/raids with the sole intention of specifically progressing anyoneÔÇÖs alternate (alt) character. If said alt happens to get on a raid and possibly even receive a loot drop from that raid then consider yourself lucky!

Requirements to join Grievance
  • Applicant MUST register and post their introduction prior to invite.
  • Applicant MUST be 18 years of age or older. Exceptions may be made for real life friends or family.
  • Applicant MUST have Discord downloaded and be able to fully communicate with other players!
  • You can find our Discord info here only after you have been accepted into the grievance family.
  • Applicant MUST have read the Grievance Organizational Charter AND the RIFT specific charter prior to joining.
Applying to Grievance
Those who are interested in joining Grievance need to register on the Grievance forums. Once your registration is activated you will then need to post your introduction as a New Topic within the ÔÇ£Rift RecruitmentÔÇØ forum. A courtesy introduction post is a requirement for ALL future Grievance members no matter what Guild / Clan they wish to join. Once you have posted you can send a PM to the Guild Leader, Recruiting Officer, or just wait until a RIFT guild officer replies to your thread directing you on what to do next.

Upon complication of your introductory post it is helpful to send an in-game guild finder message to Grievance (SHIFT-G) with a short note and your Grievance forum name. This allows us to send you a guild invite even if you are not in game at the moment.

All members will go through a three week recruitment period during which time they may join us on Team Speak and get to know the other members of Grievance. Communication is extremely important in todayÔÇÖs gaming world and we have a dedicated Discord for you to use. This is to give us, as well as you (the applicant) an opportunity to see if your membership into the Guild is a good fit or not. Applicants found not to be a good fit will be notified and then denied membership.

As stated above communication is very important in this guild. As such from time to time there will be meetings. All meetings are held in Discord.
  • Recruit Meetings are held every 3-4 weeks by the Recruiting Officer unless the timeline falls in close to a general Guild Meeting.
  • Guild Meetings are held by the Guild Leader quarterly.
  • Raider meetings held by the Raid Leader as often as needed but at minimum quarterly.
  • Grievance open council meetings occur once a month. Attendance for the open council meeting is not required but is strongly encouraged.
"Play Nice" Rules
  • No Snubbing (This is where a player leaves a guild group to join another group for no apparent justification other than just switching groups).
  • No extensive swearing or swearing directly at fellow guild members.
  • No political, racial, or religious slurs.
  • No excessive sexual chatting.
  • Members are required to at least listen in Discord (Since this is a free service & earphones are extremely inexpensive, this should not be a problem).
  • If you are caught applying for another guild while still in Grievance you will be removed immediately.
  • Cliques: It's okay to play with your friends, but as a member in Rift we expect you to "spread yourself around" a bit. Please always try and group with different people at different times for the betterment of the guild. Excluding individuals purposely (other than they don't meet requirements or extreme personality conflicts), is frowned upon.
Readmittance Rules
Everyone has bad days or makes a rash decision at one time or another. All members are allowed one free pass back into the Guild unless they were kicked out or left on bad terms. Said member will have lost all their accrued DKP and have to go through the three week recruit process again. At the conclusion of their re-recruit period if they have shown they really want to be part of the guild then they will be promoted to member rank. Any member that got kicked out and/or left on bad terms please see below.

If a member has left the Guild a second time or has been removed and/or left on bad terms, said member must present his/her case for re-admittance into the Guild in front of the current officers (which must include the Guild Leader). The officers will discuss the applicant's case then the Guild Leader will make a decision based on the information at hand. As stated in the above paragraph, said member will have to go through the recruit process again.

As always, The Council reserves the right to override any of the above for the betterment of Grievance.

Guild Ranking System

Guild Leader (GL)
The Guild Leader is responsible for the overall smooth running of the Guild, the Guild forum, and anything else pertaining to Grievance RIFT. It is the Guild Leader's responsibility to set in-game and out of game (if necessary) goals for the Guild to provide the proper direction and course for Grievance. The Guild Leader has the final say so on all things pertaining to the workings of the Guild and its membership. At any time the Guild Leader may assume the responsibilities of any other Officer position within the Guild if necessary and can override any decision made by another officer if said decision is deemed to be detrimental to the Guild. As an extension of the overall Grievance Organization (Grievance Global Gaming), the Guild Leader is expected to operate and make all decisions with the betterment of Grievance as a whole in mind.

Executive Officer (XO)
The XO is literally a direct extension of the GL and only answers to the GL. The XO is in complete charge of the guild whenever the GL is not present and has the GL's authority to make on-the-spot decisions for the betterment of the Guild if needed. As with the GL, the XO can assume other officer positions if needed. The XO can override another Officer's decision (with the exception of the GL) if deemed necessary.

Raid Leader (RL)
The RL is responsible for setting up and scheduling raids for Grievance. Schedules will be posted 24 ÔÇô 48 hours in advance and will usually (not always) cover a full week. Raid schedules must be communicated to the GL in advance for approval before being submitted. The RL is considered the third in command of the entire Grievance RIFT Guild and is only answerable to the GL and the XO.

Recruiting Officer (RO)
The RO is ultimately responsible for the growth of Grievance and all matters pertaining to recruitment within Grievance. It is the ROÔÇÖs responsibility to indoctrinate new recruits into the Guild by going over what is expected of them. They must keep all Grievance recruiting posts on the RIFT official forums and bumped up to page 1. Respond to new applicant posts in the Grievance application forum as well as inform new recruits of current and up to date changes that occur within the guild.

Warlord (WL)
The WL is responsible for setting up and scheduling PvP events for Grievance. Due to the nature of PvP, not all events will be scheduled in advance, but those that are will be meaningful to those involved. Warlords are appointed by the Guild Leader and considered the same rank as a Task Leader but with a specific focus for the guild.

Task Leaders (TL)
Task Leaders are directly responsible for certain tasks within the guild itself. These tasks can range from providing acceptable conversation reminders in guild chat or Discord, organizing crafters, assisting with recruiting, assisting with raid management or just being responsible to get groups going on a daily basis. Task Leaders are appointed by the Guild Leader and considered Junior Officers within the guild.

Logistics Officer (LO)
Logistics Officers support the Task Leaders. They can invite alts but cannot demote. They take care of the guild bank and guild dimension. They also help with getting supplies readied for raids.

These Members have met the qualifications to be considered active raiding members. Said members will take priority and be chosen to participate in raids before other members within Grievance. Any member may a raider as long as they are able to fully commit to the raider requirements. Raiders are required to be raiding if the Guild is raiding while they are online.

These Members are those members that wish to enjoy the family aspect of Grievance without the obligations of having to raid. At no time will Members be required to raid unless they wish to and the opportunity is there for them to do so. Members may become raiders, but must meet minimum Raider requirements prior to doing so.

Upon being accepted into Grievance, a new member is considered a recruit and has three weeks to meet certain Guild qualifications. Recruits are not allowed Alts until their 3 week probation period is up and they become full member. This encourages both the recruit and current guild members to get to know one another. During this recruit period, Recruits can raid if there is an open spot but they are last priority for placement.

Alts are encouraged in the guild. It helps better understand another persons character class in RIFT. Helps others assist in the growth and development of the guild. All members at Member Rank and above are allowed an unlimited amount of alts in the guild. Please keep in mind the guild will only actively help progress your main character. Inactive Alts may be removed to make room for new members.

Raider requirements and loot rules

Grievance utilizes a DKP open bidding system in RIFT. Below are highlights of our raiding rules. The complete rules can be found in the RIFT raiding forum once you have become a registered member. Our event and raid times are based on American time zones and usually during the evenings. Occasionally Grievance may schedule daytime events or raids on the weekends.

  • You gain points for showing up to the raid.
  • If you are late for a raid then you will get half the points.
  • Points will be giving based on the raid. For example a Tier 1 raid might be worth 5 points while a Tier 2 raid might be worth 6 points.
  • Official prescheduled raids run by the Raid Leader or designated officers are DKP events. All other scheduled events are considered non-DKP.
B) SPENDING POINTS: If you want loot from a raid, you must bid your points in raid chat. You are eligible to bid as many points as you have available on the DKP site. Minimum bids are in effect but there are safeguards in place to prevent sharding as much as possible.

C) SIT LIST: Every reasonable effort will be made to include anyone into the next raid who sat on last raid. Unless we continue a raid from the previous night.

D) DKP SUSPENDED: With the launch of 4.0 and the Individual Reward Charges system, DKP has become impractical. In 4.2 DKP seemed a possibility again but we in Grievance-Rift have decided it would make loot distribution overly complex with the current loot mechanics in the game. Additionally, the DKP roster was wiped in October 2017 as part of the Grievance forums revamp process.

Charter Revisions
v.1 Nov 2010
V.2 Jul 2013
v.3 Jan 2015
v.4 Oct 2017
v.5 Feb 2018


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