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FFXIV Free Company (Guild) Charter

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FFXIV Free Company (Guild) Charter

Post by Twistbeard » Fri Jun 02, 2017 10:33 am

This Charter does not supersede the Grievance Organization charter. All members should make themselves familiar with that charter prior to joining Grievance!

This Charter may change as the Free Company (FC) grows and matures. The FC Leader reserves the right to change or assess these policies at any time, including on the spot if needed, to correct loopholes and keep things fair.

Clauses to be aware of

FC Leader Clause
The Leader reserves the right to make decisions that may supersede and/or contradict the policies of the FC. These decisions must never be made lightly, always with the betterment of the FC in mind. The Leader also has last word on all decisions concerning the FC, its forum section, charter, and anything else pertaining to the Grievance Final Fantasy XIV chapter.

Common Sense Clause
No policy is completely safe from exploitation, and the officers are here to make sure everything is done fairly. Any proposed changes to this charter will be reviewed by the FC Leader before being set in stone.

No Drama Clause
Any member found to be causing and/or instigating extreme drama within the FC will be asked to leave or, if needed, removed. The FC Leader will determine what qualifies as extreme drama.

Team Player Clause
We believe the advancement of the FC as a whole is all-important, and that FC progress equals personal progress. If you are not a team player, this FC may not be the right fit for you.

The FC's Responsibility to You
The FC is responsible, within limits, for helping you enjoy your game experience. We will make reasonable efforts to help you gear up and progress your character through FFXIV and its many dungeons, quests, raids, challenges, and so on. With that said, you should not look at Grievance as a service. Our members are people with real lives, whose pursuits may not always line up with yours. While we encourage you to ask questions or ask for help with whatever you need at any time, you should understand that we cannot give you everything, and that there may not always be someone available to help you. There are any number of reasons a player might be otherwise occupied, and you should not take it as a personal insult.

Lastly, remember that you are ultimately responsible for your own actions, and for any characters you may play outside the FC.

Joining and Getting Started in Grievance
To be eligible to join Grievance, you must:
Be at least 18 years old (exceptions may be made for real-life friends/family).
Read both this and the Grievance Organizational Charter.
Register on the Grievance forums, find the FFXIV forum section, and create a new post in the Apply Here to Join Grievance Final Fantasy XIV subforum.

We also highly recommend you download and set up Discord for voice chat. Communication is often crucial in today's online games, and we have dedicated Discord channels for your use. Please note, also, that Discord is required for raiding with Grievance, and no other VOIP will be used.

Once you have made your introductory post, either send a PM to the FC Leader or Recruiting Officer or wait until someone replies to your thread and directs you what to do next.

As a new member, you'll begin as a Recruit, during which time you and other Grievance members can get acquainted. To reach Member rank, you'll have to attend a Recruit meeting, held roughly every two months, in TeamSpeak. This process is meant to give everyone, you included, a chance to see if you're a good fit with the FC or not.

Rules for Removal From the Free Company

Grievance believes family comes first. If you have to leave the game due to family or other real-life issues, or are removed due to inactivity, you will be welcome back no questions asked if and when you return to the game.

However, if you leave for any reason other than real-life circumstances or helping another Grievance Guild/Clan, you will not be welcome back. We do not believe in a revolving door policy and expect our members to think before they depart too hastily. Further, we expect a reasonable level of loyalty. We spend a lot of time with each other, and we should stick together through good and occasional bad times. Considerations may be made on a case-by-case basis, wherein it will fall to the FC Leader to decide whether to bend this policy.

The LLC reserves the right to override any of the above for the betterment of Grievance.

FC Ranks

The FC Leader is responsible for the smooth operation of the FC, its forum, and anything else pertaining to Grievance Final Fantasy XIV. As such, the Leader has final say on the workings of the FC and its membership. It is the Leader's responsibility to set goals to guide the proper direction and course for Grievance. The Leader may assume any other officers responsibilities at any time if necessary, and can override a decision made by another officer if said decision is deemed detrimental to the FC. As an extension of Grievance Global Gaming, the Leader is expected to operate with the betterment of Grievance as a whole in mind.

Executive Officer (XO)
The XO is a direct extension of, and answers only to, the Leader. The XO is in charge whenever the Leader is absent, and has full authority to make on-the-spot decisions for the betterment of the FC. As with the Leader, the XO can assume other officers responsibilities if needed, and can override another officer's decision (other than the Leaders) if necessary.

Recruiting Officer
The RO is responsible for the growth of the FC and matters of recruitment. It is the RO's duty to welcome new recruits into the FC and explain our rules and expectations.

Raid Leader
The Raid Leader is responsible for organizing raid groups, coordinating premade groups, and offering assistance or guidance for any group content.

Task Leaders
Task Leaders, denoted by the Officer rank, are responsible for certain FC tasks, such as managing the Company Chest, organizing crafters, or getting groups going on a daily basis. Task Leaders are appointed by the Leader.

Those with the Member rank have finished the recruitment period and met any other game-specific qualifications set by the Leader.

A new Grievance member is considered a Recruit until meeting certain criteria. Recruits cannot become full-fledged Members until they have attended a Recruit meeting in TeamSpeak.

Loot Rules
In FC-organized events, the organizer will ensure loot rules are discussed and established prior to any loot dropping. If this is not discussed, it is your responsibility to ask before you roll. Assuming loot is free-for-all is poor etiquette. The default rule will generally be Need/Greed. However, any in-game systems (e.g., Master Looter) may be used at the discretion of the organizer.

Company Chest
Items in Tab 1 of the Company Chest (sometimes called the Guild Bank) are free for Recruits or above to take and use, for personal or FC purposes only. You may not sell items from the Company Chest without express permission to do so. Please ask an officer before taking large quantities of an item. Tabs 2 and 3 are view only for general membership, but you can request items from them, by contacting an officer, if needed.
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