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Duty Officers For Fleet Projects
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Duty Officers For Fleet Projects

Post by Bullet-3037 » Fri Sep 16, 2016 9:38 am

I'm not a big fan of the DOFF (duty officer) requirement for the fleet projects but those projects have the big xp reward and just about everyone likes big xp. So I came up with a way that works, to my liking, to contribute DOFFs to the projects without losing any of my current DOFFs and still earn a little dilithium and a few energy credits along the way. Once you reach level 11 you get a compliment of DOFFs to begin using the DOFF system. So...

1. Make a new toon, skip the tutorial and follow the story line to level 11.

2. Claim the first compliment of DOFFs and donate them to a fleet project.

3. Sell all items obtained through the replicator and either donate the energy credits (25k to 30k) to the fleet bank or put them in your account bank to be used by another toon.

4. Dilithium earned (2.5k to 3k) can be donated to fleet projects or transferred to another toon through the dilithium exchange.

5. Delete that toon and repeat. You won't get to keep any of the fleet credits you earned by doing this, which is a negative, but I can live that for advancing starbase construction.

I've done this three times now. It's a little grindy but it's easy and it works for me. I like using a regular Starfleet science toon as opposed to a 23rd century toon because you get a science bridge officer with a shield drain instead of a tractor beam which makes taking out enemy ships much easier and being a science officer also gives you an AOE debuff. Skip the tutorial because you end up getting the xp for doing it anyway when you claim your bridge officers.

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Re: Duty Officers For Fleet Projects

Post by Bammkin » Thu Mar 16, 2017 2:38 am

I have a level 60 parked at the academy and cycle through each day trading in green doffs for whites. This seems to be netting a large amount of whites to donate, although I end up having to clear out some room in my roster.
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