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Christmas Update Game Update 00.01.12

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Christmas Update Game Update 00.01.12

Post by Novatek » Sun Dec 16, 2018 10:18 pm ... 1-12-13394

Happy Holidays everyone!

We are very excited to give you this months update, as it also includes a patch date for the game update. We have gone through several iterations of tests, each one bringing us closer to being able to push a Normal Update for The Repopulation. We are finally there! The past weeks’ tests were excellent, and we are comfortable to give you this long awaited game update!
Live Game Update:

On Tuesday, 18 December 2018, we will be bringing servers down at 09:00 EST am for the 00.01.12 Update. Servers will be down for about 12 hours.

If you are wondering why our first official full update is 00.01.12 it is because we have moved ahead of just the initial combat update that was planned, 00.00.01. While part of the team was working on cleanup to be able to have a successful push, the rest of the team continued our regular development at the same time.

Each game iteration moves the version number up. This work included but was not limited to Combat, Combat updates, New Ghetti Gorge, Art clean up and Plymouth Control Center. For more information on how we do our patch versions you can visit this news update here: ... y-progress

2018 12 16 Repop pcc entrance01What has been done so far:

As you can imagine we've covered so much since our last patch. Here is a brief look at some of the highlights of that work.

Combat: The combat system has seen some upgrades. we've added an auto facing option toward the enemy and changed how the camera direction changes with engagements in combat. The code for the Ability Bar has seen an overhaul which should resolve many issues relating to the activation of abilities. The Line of Sight (LOS) code has been altered to correct the issue where NPC’s or players block LOS. Our Programmers also corrected the issue which left players in the combat stance after combat was over.

Performance: We were able to review high problem areas and learned how and why performance issues affected gameplay.

We also disabled the siege system. This system will remain offline until a later date when it has been revamped as well as a number of other key systems which support it and other aspects of the game. These systems include but are not limited too: PVP system, Vehicles, Cities/Nations, and the astronomy system (our Timing system).

The weather system which currently ties into the astronomy system continues to be a topic of concern. We've made several changes to the system overall with the enhancement of FPS performance. Players should find that by default the weather system visuals have been disabled. The visual portion of the system was causing havoc for some players. No worries for crafters the mushroom timers are still working and will produce as before.

Players should find that the Auto Config for video will now work as intended which means you can have the game set your graphics for performance. Other changes have been put in place to help performance issues. One such change was to disable the engagement located in the Contested region of Mt. Ash, Fort Pharynx. This was due to the numerous issues it was causing in the areas around the engagement.

Area Rebuilds: We have rebuilt two areas in-game this year. The first being OWON area of Ghetti Gorge. this area was rebuilt from scratch to include new terrain landscapes, flora, and trees. We've noted a positive FPS performance in the area and those adjoining since the removal of a cave which led to nowhere, and the addition of new trees and flora.

Most recently we rebuilt the OWON area of Plymouth Control Center (PCC), This included implementing a new floor-plan for the area, and asset improvements. This area has greatly been enhanced in terms of performance. We still have some work to do to finish the area which includes small detail however, we believe it has come along nicely.

A brief overview of some of the work done this year:

This past year has been quite busy and productive. Along side the development cleanup and optimizations to be able to make this push, we have also focused on other aspects as a team and in our individual departments. To give you an idea what our small team does, here is a brief rundown (honest, it really is brief):

Technical Work
Reverse Engineering/Review of Systems to include documentation and testing
Coding and script Fixes

Art asset cleanup and Creation of new assets.
Flora/Tree Assets, Rocks/Ore, Buildings

White Boxing design of the new Tutorial Island
Vetting of missions used in the current area to include NPC/Missions used in the past three areas.
Discussion and planning for future missions and dialog changes for the area.
Design discussed for future assets.
Current art assets underwent clean up.

Lore Development
Timeline restructure
Biome and Weather finalized
New World Map created based on biomes, factions, and lore.
Area Drafts
Review of Missions in area
Brainstorming/Planning/Documentation for new missions, Dungeons/Raids, group content, for solo content, Faction oriented content, Brainstorming/Planning for minigames.
Review of NPC in area
Planning for future NPC system and subsystems: art/area layout for world rebuild/build of the area.
Sentient Species reviewed.
Species undergoing discussions/planning for Faction system changes, designs/model changes discussed/planned.

World Rebuild systems design, documentation and prototyping
Biomes (Flora, Rock/Ore, Weather)
Region Changes, Architecture, Faction, Lore
Testing and documentation, Requirements, Scale, Templates, Biome Theme/Scheme Diagram, Terrain Texture Guidelines, Etc.

Regular Team Meetings and “office calls”
Planning, Review and Design

Game Systems review, design, documentation
Harvesting- System Changes, What flora/Ore is harvestable, What assets will be needed, What assets are now ready/created.

Entertainers and System ChangesSkills/Abilities
Guilds/Player Nations
In-game Items
Player vs Environment
Player vs Player
User Interface
Audio Music and SFX
Weather System
Starter Island

Documentation/Planning - GDD
Inventory Changes
Crafting Changes
System redesign, documentation, improvements and additional content
Mission System Changes
PDA/Journal Changes
NPC System Changes
Dialog Changes
Faction System Changes

2018 12 16 Repop pcc npcs01WIP Unfinished PCC elements:

Though we have gotten the bulk of the revamp done in Plymouth Control Center, it is not complete yet. This is still a work in progress. We have put a lot of work into this to give the players a taste of what is to come in the next year. However there are some things that have not been completed due to other systems needing to be fixed up, adjusted or revamped first. Below is a list of some of the unfinished build tasks for PCC.

Interior environment is not completed. Only the basic was set up based on the prototype. You will see assets flash in and out of view when you enter and exit the interior of the buildings for the time being. To complete this, we will need to revisit the environment system and clean up and fix the Astronomy system. Once this is completed then all interiors will work as they do on the Prototype server.

Clutter (environment setting assets) has not been filled in yet. This will be ongoing to test and balance between appearance and good performance.

A lot of NPC’s are placed in their general vicinity but not final positions, they are grouped up, not behind clutter and so forth.

Flora and trees are not final. These will be adjusted as we move towards the world revamp.

The Lifts (elevators) now work correctly, however there are a few small minor adjustments we will be making in future builds to finish the physics and a few other smaller bugs associated with the area.

Doors have been started. You will see two buildings (City Hall and the Medical Building) with doors that will open when you right click on them. Additional work will go in to including doors for most buildings in future builds.

Lights will be adjusted for performance and more will be added in. Currently only a select set of lights have been placed in the city for some general lighting. Over all the city is still fairly dark when it is night time.

The Outdoor Bar has a few adjustments we will be making to the model. Primary will be adjusting the ramps to fit up against the upper level floor.

2018 12 16 Repop pcc tower01What is planned for first quarter 2019:

The first Quarter of 2019 will be a busy time for us. Our first priority will be fixing issues from this patch. This will also enable us to plan system revamps by having a fresh look into what is broken. Then determine what order to proceed with fixes and revamps. We are looking forward to seeing what you as players find in the world as you continue to test.

We'll progress from there with ongoing projects such as coding, art cleanup, GUI changes, in addition to any issues that crop up during development.

This year has allowed us insight into how ABT built their systems, and how they relate to one another. This reverse engineering and documentation will allow us to optimize how some of these systems perform. During the review of these systems we realized there are some that are out of date and will require changes so they integrate properly with systems built since them. This process helps us to plan and build systems for the best possible outcome the first time. Which saves time by preventing the need to rebuild them later in development.

The art clean up is another large-scale ongoing process. We've had the opportunity to feature some of the modified assets such as the rocks, flora, and buildings in our monthly update articles. We did not receive the raw files for all of the art during transfer. As a result, we will need to rebuild some from scratch as well as create new models that fit our needs.

Another important project for the first quarter will be the GUI cleanup. It is during this time we will begin the groundwork for a complete revamp of the GUI. This is partially due to the fact we have encountered a number of problems relating to the GUI to include how it ties into other things. Work on this system will include cleaning up scripts, files, and what code that we can without breaking everything. We'll continue to gather information concerning the depth of all the systems the GUI effects. This information will determine how we alter our current plan for the revamp. This revamp will take place later this year.

2018 12 16 Repop pcc cityhallWhat is planned for spring and summer:

Our proverbial plates will continue to be full as the year progresses towards the Fall quarter. During this time updates will still be spaced apart until we've reduced overhead enough to allow for clean, and regular updates.

We'll use this time to progress with two of our projects we've discussed in previous update articles. These being the Inventory system and the construction of the New Starter island. We are delighted to be moving forward. The construction of the Island is a process we look forward to sharing with the community. Information gathered during this build coupled with your feedback will help future builds move along more smoothly.
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Re: Christmas Update Game Update 00.01.12

Post by Novatek » Tue Dec 18, 2018 10:04 am

And the patch notes. ... 1-12-13396

Combat Overhaul:

When attacked, your target will automatically be set to the attacker if you do not already have a live hostile target

The code for Ability and the Ability Bar have been overhauled for determining if abilities are capable of being activated based on target and/or other factors. This should resolve many issues with not being able to activate an ability at times when target conditions appear to be met. This overhaul results in a much more efficient ability state check as target conditions change.

New auto-face option. The Interface option for Auto Face On Attack has been renamed to Auto Face Enemy Target and now behaves as such when enabled.

When acquiring a hostile target in any way, you will rotate to face that target and automatically rotate to face as the target moves

When a character is rotating to face the target automatically, the camera will rotate as well

If you move or manually rotate your character, the auto rotation to face your target will stop

If you manually rotate the camera while auto facing a target, your character will continue to rotate to face target but the camera will no longer rotate

If auto-facing and/or camera rotation is temporarily disabled because of one of the manual interactions mentioned above, and you activate an attack on the target, the auto-facing rotation and camera rotation will resume

Abilities that require you to be in front of and facing your target will no longer fail since the act of activating that ability will rotate you automatically

When no longer in combat for any reason (target has died, the target is no longer in range), the combat animation pose will end.

The Line of Sight validation code has been redone to avoid NPC's or other players blocking line of sight to the target

Additional fixes to Combat for checking the relationship of your target and prevent the player shooting friendlies. Self Activation abilities should also target yourself automatically now too.


The engagement located in the area Fort Pharynx of the Contested region Mt. Ash has been disabled due to issues. We will review this content in the future, and determine if it should be repaired or replaced.


Video Options - Auto Configure should not fail to run now.


Southern Lowlands Plot now has a basement floor and ceiling.

Items and Fittings:

An adjustment was made to the Trade Skill: Pharmaceuticals. Changes to the Mental Acuity Buff will now allow the Advanced Focus I - Superb Quality Stims to have a base 25% Damage increase (Up from 15%)

Please be aware that both the awarded and mob dropped Fitting(s) in the Tutorial area have been adjusted. These fittings are now Energy Penetration rather than Physical.

Major Feature:

The weather has had a lot of bug fixes and a few major changes in the back end. This should really help performance.
Please Note: Weather visuals have not changed.

Weather Visuals are now OFF by default, you can toggle them on via Video Settings -> Particles -> Show Weather. -Snow should no longer cause insane frameloss to the point of becoming unplayable.

If it's raining for player A, it should be raining for player B Current Known Issue: -Travelling really fast might cause weather to not load in an area, keep an eye on this.

Plymouth Control Center:

The OWON area known as Plymouth Control Center has recently undergone many updates. To read more on the topic please refer to this article post: PCC Update

Revamp was initiated by removing all existing art assets, and harvesting nodes. Many of which were located throughout the area below the terrain.

The OWON area of Plymouth Control Center saw a complete revamp of its art assets ranging from architecture to flora. This in turn reduced draw calls.

Players will encounter two sets of doors which they will be able to interact with. These are in the testing phase and located at the entrance of City Hall and the Medical Center.

Please be aware the number of Interactable Items have been reduced. The following were removed: 1 Skill Imprinting Station, 4 Banking Terminals, and 3 Hacking Terminals.

Please be aware that work in this area is not complete. This being the case the following adjustments are not finalized. All assets located within the area have undergone location adjustments. These include Mob Spawners, Harvesting Nodes and NPC's.

Players can now enter the neighboring area of Ghetti Gorge from PCC.

Plymouth Control Center: The guards are no longer all on the bridge.

The OWON city of Plymouth Control now has a single Scrounging area, players should please be aware this means it will reduce quickly if there are multiple players using it.

Harvester Placement Nodes in Plymouth Control Center should no longer be underground or floating.

Adjustments to Harvesting whack a nodes in Plymouth Control Center should allow them to be more accessible to players.

In the OWON area of Plymouth Control Center, all mobs and unnamed soldiers should spawn more accurately, rather than underground etc. ∙ These NPC/Creatures have been placed in roughly their original areas previous to the area revamp.

Pathing improvements for named NPC have been made in the OWON area of Plymouth Control Center.

Additional trees and flora have been added to the OWON area of Plymouth Control.

Ghetti Gorge:

The OWON area of Ghetti Gorge located in the Plymouth region has been revamped.

The area of Ghetti Gorge has been created from scratch with new terrain landscape.

The cave which led to nowhere within the area of Ghetti Gorge has been removed.

Ghetti Gorge has been relinked with the adjoining areas. Players will now be able to travel to the neighboring area of Plymouth Control center.

Updated flora and trees have been added to the area of Ghetti Gorge.

New Mob Spawners, Mob NPC, Harvesting Nodes, Flora, and Tree Assets have been added to Ghetti Gorge.

Two camps have been removed from Ghetti Gorge.

Two new water scourging areas have been added to the OWON area of Ghetti Gorge.


The Hacking Minigame should once again give a message if you have the correct sequence but not enough skill.


Breaking and Entering should no longer spawn players in the middle of an empty Plymouth.

The Missing Official mission will no longer be received in the mail. Players will no longer be able to receive this mission, and can safely remove it from the mission journal.

The Tutorial MoNoW mission has been deactivated. Players will no longer be able to receive this mission, and can safely remove it from the mission journal.

The Spirit of Timbertol mission has been deactivated due to being unfinished. Players will no longer be able to receive this mission, and can safely remove it from the mission journal.


Invalid Nation plot containers should no longer cause an issue, you will also now get a warning when picking up a container from a Nation Plot.

Nations will be going through a revamp so we can add more features and functionality in the future; including city siege.

In preparation for both the world and Player Nation revamp: Nations can no longer have more than 2 cities, please visit all previous cities first.


An adjustment was made to the torches and lights in the FPR area of Freedomtown. As a result, they will no longer be extinguished during rain.

Players will no longer be able to use the /help updatecraftingdb command. This is being revamped. However steam will have the updated DB with every patch, and in the future, we will have another method for exporting the data.


Siege has officially been disabled. Please note this means all Siege Camp Fabrication related recipes will no longer be available. In the future, the Siege system will be reviewed once other supporting systems are in place.

Trade Skills:

Changes to the Culinary recipe Loin Cut will now allow meat gristle to be created as a byproduct.

The recipe book Modern Firearms now contains the Firearms recipe, Optic Housing.

This recipe allows the creation of Long/Short/Micro Optics Housing, which is used as a component in Firearms Crafting.

The recipe Rifle Fabrication will now properly accept the component Beam Trigger Assembly for the following recipes: Beam Repeater, Beam Rifle, Beam Sniper Rifle, and Rotary Cannon.

The item Medium Tactical Boots will no longer show the "Unknown Branch" filter on the items stats.

The Tutorial Robotics quest will now allow you to build up your robotics skill to 75 by using the components given, feel free to delete the components after.

The Culinary Arts recipe Spaghetti now allows for the main result to be chosen via the drop-down menu. It will now produce a simple and a normal result.

The Culinary Arts recipe Divinity now allows for the main result to be chosen via the drop-down menu. It will now produce a simple and a normal result.

The recipe book Basic Metalworking now contains the Metalworking recipe, Curved Glass Production. This recipe allows the creation of ∙ Curved Glass Pane, which is used as components for other trades.

The First Aid Recipe: Medical Charged Fitting Production will now produce fitting results for Small Endurance Heal and Health Recovery, and Reduced Energy Cost as intended.

The Light Assault Vest should no longer give an error that you can not sell a Soulbound item. Item will now post to Auction without issue.

If a harvester is removed from a node while the player's inventory is full it should no longer result in the loss of the harvester.

It will now require a metal guard to produce the following Bladed Weapon Production recipe results: Electrical Knuckle Blade, Electrical Light Blade, Heated Light Blade, Acid Light Blade, and the Chilling Knuckle Blade.

Due to the Siege System being turned off we have removed the Installations Manual - Installations: Siege Edition from Vendors. Please be aware if you currently have this manual in your inventory you will be able to consume it and produce these items. However, the items produced will have no purpose. We will be working to completely remove this item and others like it in the future.

User Interface:

Please note that upon selection at a crafting station all recipes will default to their lowest difficulty. This can be changed via the drop-down menu.

Icons that appeared as broken or invisible have now been corrected.

The mission journal should no longer show an empty goal in the "Goals" details upon a relog.

The shadow updates are now constant, however, the shadow shaders will be revamped in the future. The time of day is now a constant which translates into 1 game day = 1 hour, please note this may be adjusted later, but was causing some out of sync issues. Players should be aware that if they are in the Training Facilities (Tutorial) the player will not experience a true day-night cycle. It will remain a constant 6:00.

Items now show all empty fitting slots.

The Mail icon now has a tooltip. Opening the Hints window or Mail window will also remove its icon.

Vehicles and Mounts:

A temporary adjustment has been made to all vehicles. Until future system adjustments, vehicles will only support a single player (driver).


Adjustments were made to the spawns surrounding the lake in the Tutorial, Training Facility to improve them.

The OWON area Purplefield located in Timbertol and the FPR area Souza Springs located in Kalazar now have Scrounging Regions.

Holes in the terrain near the Contested area of Sept Falls have been repaired.

Standing still when scrounging will no longer give diminished results. However, 30 scrounges from a region will.

The Contested area Kaavo Ridge will no longer be called Fana Plains.

An issue with skydomes unloading has been resolved, all areas will now have the same skydome.

The spawn point for the OWON city Plymouth City should now function as intended. Players should now spawn within the city rather than nearby fields.

Elevator methods have been completely redone, the ones in Plymouth Control Centre have been replaced and should now be usable. Please note there are still a few things that will be tuned up.

Adjustments were made to the weather system to reduce the amount of rain seen in the Contested area of Sept Falls, and the OWON region of Loch Aza.

World Events:

Players in the Tutorial area will no longer receive a warning on the battlefield if they are on the step to deliver the data.

Bug Fixes:

Character Selection/Creation/Deletion has been altered in order to alleviate a large number of bugs. Players can now delete their last character. Deleting a character should no longer delete multiple characters.

The combat effect for damage reduction on stims should now work correctly and reduce the damage taken.

Falasium in scorched gorge should no longer disappear when getting within arms reach.

Fixed an issue in Freedom Town City Hall where assets would suddenly disappear.

In the FPR area of Banshee’s Hollow players will no longer be able to access the Theatre or City Hall building. These have been closed due to being unfinished.

Players should no longer encounter the issue where they could not select which location they wished to clone from the prompt list.


The NPC version of Double Shot has been reduced by approximately 25% in damage to prevent high-end players being 1 shot.

Known Issues:
Players please be aware of the following known issues that may occur:

Robotic Pets created by players before this patch may lose access to any fittings it has equipped.

The Nation Window -> Alliance Tab may not list all guilds, we are looking in to having this fixed soon if it is still an issue.

New elevators such as those placed in the OWON area of Plymouth Control Center will now ignore vehicles instead of throwing you off. This will be addressed when Vehicles are revamped.

Pre 10.1 Update: The examine window when you right-click an item can sometimes have a scroll bar, currently you cannot move that scrollbar up and down. Listed since it is more obvious in some situations and will be worked on with the GUI updates.
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Re: Christmas Update Game Update 00.01.12

Post by Zippity » Thu Dec 27, 2018 2:46 pm

Once upon a time, I was heavily looking forward to this games release... But then the debacle with the Hero Engine occurred, and threw the whole project for a spin... Now with the new developers taking over, based off what I've read on their official website, they are knee deep in Reverse Engineering and Re-Vamping stuff... In a way, I sort of feel like this project is now in a perpetually slow development cycle, or may never actually see the light of day, any time soon or ever... Disappointing, as it had a ton of potential... With the re-development, the game will feel and look rather aged by the time it ever gets around to a release date, which could either be a plus or a minus, depending on how the fan base feels when the time comes...


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