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Discord FAQs

Post here for technical assistance with or feature requests for the Grievance Discord server.
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Discord FAQs

Post by Padraic » Tue Jul 24, 2018 1:00 pm

Before posting in this forum, check this thread for answers to some of our most frequently asked questions. If you have additional common problems/solutions to contribute, please post them below!


For the link to Grievance's Discord server, go here: viewtopic.php?f=988&t=50226

For information on setting up Discord and syncing your forum profile to your Discord profile, go here: viewtopic.php?f=4&t=50228 OR access the #welcome channel on the server.


Q: Why can't I access the link to Grievance's Discord server? The forum tells me I don't have permission.
A: If you're a new applicant, you need to introduce yourself in your game's application forum and have your usergroups set. Once your name is green or orange, you'll be able to access the link. If you're a current or returning Grievance member, speak with the officers in your game (or post in your game's forums) and ask them to check your permissions.

Q: When I ?auth gen in Discord, the bot tells me it can't find my forum account.
A: Refer to the Discord setup post above and check your Profile in the User Control Panel. Make sure the Discord Username field contains your exact Discord account name, in the format Username#1234, with no extraneous spaces, punctuation, or commentary.

Q: I've successfully ?auth gen'd with the server, but all the channels still have little locks on them.
A: That's normal! It just means those channels have restrictions attached to them, but if you've synced your forum and Discord accounts, you should be able to enter most of the channels. If it still seems like there's something wrong, talk to your officers or an admin.

Q: I see you have a Bar & Grill chat channel! Anything goes in the B&G, right?
A: Wellllllll... not anything. Grievance's rules still apply. This means no bigotry (racism, sexism, or discrimination), no political content, and no religious content. Pornography or other overtly sexual or explicit content is also prohibited. Also, respect your fellow Grievance members - disagreement is fine, heated arguments and/or personal attacks are not.

Q: Why can't anybody in this channel hear me? I'm pretty sure my mic is working...
A: In Discord, go into User Settings (little gear near your username in the lower left corner), then Voice & Video under app settings. Make sure your input and output devices are set properly and the levels are turned up. Also, ensure Push to Talk is selected, not Voice Activity. Grievance highly encourages the use of Push to Talk, and some voice channels actually require it in order to talk. (H/T to Acha for this one!)

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